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it's been too long - Totus Tuus

About it's been too long

Previous Entry it's been too long Nov. 1st, 2007 @ 11:43 pm
Wow. Being home with mono makes you remember crazy things, like that journal you kept starting right before you left for college. After reading almost all of my old entries I have decided to start writing in this again. Not that any of the people who used to read it and comment have kept up with theirs so I will be basically writing for myself, but I'm okay with that. Some years down the road I can read all these entries again and feel the same nostalgia I am feeling now.

So what has happened in my life? Well I began dating a good friend of mine, Kyle, back in November/December of my junior year of high school. We had met on my college visit when I was a senior in high school because I stayed with one of his friends and I vaguely remember him driving me to Walmart during that trip. Anyway, we became friends sometime during my freshman year at school and were not romantically interested in each other until the semester we began dating. We got engaged about a year later and, after graduating college in May, were married this past July 14th in Connecticut.

We currently live in a little apartment in Houston, Texas where Kyle is from. Kyle is a pilot and I am a preschool teacher. Actually I am currently not allowed to be at work because of the mono so I currently sit on our couch, playing around on the internet and watching Gilmore Girls episodes and the extended version of Lord of the Rings. Life is absolutely blissful. I love being married and Kyle is an amazing husband. I love him so much. Reading my old entries about discernment make me laugh because when I was stressing over past crushes and such I never imagined that I would be married to Kyle. God is so good.

That's all for now. Lord of the Rings is calling.

Pax Christi.
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Current Music: Lord of the Rings
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