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Previous Entry daycare is fun Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 11:46 pm Next Entry
i am back to work, this time at a new daycare center. i have to say that although the staff i work with is about a million times better, i am slowly starting to think that the kids are future juvenille deinquents! no joke!

example a: we will call her, ashley... on the first day the kids were asked to tell me their name, age, and favorite color. when it came to her she responded, "ashley, age ten, and gold because it is the best credit card color." weird for a child the age of ten, huh? well it gets weirder. she then proceeded to ask me if i had a boyfriend. when i responded no, she asked me if i had ever had one and when i said yes, she asked me if i had dumped him or if he had dumped me. she draws pictures of posessed cows, she made a voodoo doll out of duck tape, her favorite shows are the simpsons and charmed, and she thinks "all boys are good for nothing idiots." yeah, i know... scary! but she has her redeeming qualities, good heart, great with the other kids, generally quiet. basically, she is in need of prayer.

i have seen almost every kid swear, hit, bite, scratch... and i have only been there three days. these are kids ranging in ages three to ten. i mean really... it makes me want to have kids of my own so i can raise them right! even if i become a nun, i will be a teacher and whip my kids into shape!

really though, despite the dicipline problems, i love working with kids. they are so open to everything... the pray grace before meals without worry or question. there is such a purity to children and it inspires me to be more like them and to protect them. it seems like they are becoming attacked younger and younger these days.

in other news, i am addicted to the rascall flatts song, fast cars and freedom. seriously, i must have listened to it like twenty times today.

i spent the night hanging out with my little sisters. we rented movies and got pizza and just hung out at the house. it was so nice to be able to spend time with them. i feel like i am never home and i just miss them so much. they really mean the world to me.

hannah, the twelve year old, is leaving for florida to visit my grandparents on monday. she is really scared so please pray for her. she says she has day dreams of God coming on to her plane and telling her to leave because the hurricane will hit it. to be honest, it scares me so badly. please pray for her protection. i just love her so much.

tomorrow i am heading up to steubenville east to see lauren do her young apostle thing for staurday night and to pray with the teens. i am so proud of her. i also get to see sara heim which is a major bonus. i miss her so much.

well i am off to play with the brand new laptop my parents surprised me with.

Jesus loves you and goodnight!
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